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"Calling the upcoming generation: do you want to get involved and be inspired to create a future in your control? Welcome to our community."

– Tania Price (CEO & Founder)

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Achieve the future you deserve by laying the foundations of success, today.

The leaders of the future are developing their entrepreneurial skills and network through the Futureprener Ecosystem right now. 

As a part of this community, you too will learn the cross-disciplinary skills that you need to build a career of success and influence in the company of like-minded peers. 

As you create, connect and collaborate, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to succeed in tomorrow’s world.


Explore Our Courses

Our staged courses take you through a simulated start-up process. You'll work on gamified knowledge-building activities and challenges, expanding your mind and training useful new skills and abilities for your future work and life.

10-Levels | 13 - 14 years / Grade 7 - 8

Problem Solving and Design Thinking

10-Levels | 14 - 15 years / Grade 9 - 10

Product Design and Commercialisation (Intro)

15-Levels | 16 - 17 years / Grades 10 - 11

Product Design and Commercialisation (Extend)

10-Levels | 13 - 16 years / Grades 7 - 10

Climate-focused Extension to Academy (Option)

Pitch Arena

Let Your Ideas Take Flight with the Pitch Arena

Learn the Art of Pitching

Our expert-led workshops and interactive training sessions cover every aspect of a successful pitch, from crafting a compelling story to delivering with confidence and clarity. Whether you’re refining an elevator pitch or preparing for a detailed investor presentation, our resources and support will elevate your skills to the next level.

Showcase Your Skills

Our ecosystem provides ample opportunities for you to put your skills into practice. Create and share video pitches that highlight your innovative ideas and receive valuable feedback from peers and mentors. Engage in pitch competitions that challenge you to think on your feet and present your vision with precision.

PT Sessions

Become an Entrepreneur Master

Our PT Sessions are designed to equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and inspiration needed to thrive as an entrepreneur. Through a variety of engaging formats, including virtual workshops, mini-series, tutorials and insights from successful founders, we ensure you have all the tools to shape your future. 

Comprehensive Virtual Workshops

Our virtual workshops are interactive and immersive, providing deep dives into key areas of entrepreneurship. Led by industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, these sessions cover everything from business planning and marketing strategies to financial management and growth hacking. Each workshop is tailored to address the current trends and challenges in the entrepreneurial world, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Engaging Mini-Series

Dive into our mini-series for a more focused learning experience. These series break down complex topics into manageable segments, allowing you to build your knowledge step-by-step. Whether you're looking to master the art of pitching, understand the intricacies of digital marketing, or learn about sustainable business practices, our mini-series offer a structured path to proficiency.

Practical Tutorials

Our tutorials are designed for hands-on learning, guiding you through practical exercises and real-world applications. These sessions help you apply theoretical knowledge to tangible tasks, enhancing your problem-solving abilities and technical skills. From developing a business model canvas to executing an effective social media campaign, our tutorials ensure you're ready to implement your ideas with confidence.

Practical Tutorials

Gain invaluable wisdom and inspiration from those who have walked the path before you. Our PT Sessions feature talks and Q&A sessions with successful founders who share their journeys, challenges, and strategies. Learn from their experiences, understand their decision-making processes, and gain insights that can shape your entrepreneurial journey.


Learn How you can make an Impact on the Climate Crisis

Inspiring, Educating and Activating a Global Movement of Future Entrepreneurs Working on Innovative Solutions to Local and Global Climate Challenges. Learn from our range of climate resources and start making an impact today. Be a part of the Futurepreneurs X Climate through:

Online Programs

An online experiential course that takes you through the fundamentals of climate change, identifying a climate problem in your community or world, understanding climate science, and designing viable product solutions that will contribute to positive climate action. 

Event Series

As part of Futurepreneurs X Climate, Entropolis with the help of sponsors will deliver live and virtual masterclasses, events, and other activations on specific climate action topics

Global Pitch Challenge

Futurepreneurs X Climate is hosting a global competition for young entrepreneurs in secondary schools to pitch start-up ideas, product design solutions, business models and launch plans to address an identified climate challenge in their community or the world. 

Walking Tours

The walking tour provides a starting step in highlighting climate action opportunities and accelerating Futurepreneurs working on innovative ideas and product solutions to global climate challenges. 

It Starts with Education

Education has been recognized globally as a crucial element to counter climate change. By strengthening the knowledge acquired by school children from an early age not just by the inclusion of climate change curriculum but by education facilitators adopting a whole school approach it endeavors to embrace students in climate as a whole picture. 

The Futurepreneurs X Climate initiative acknowledges that a whole school approach is key to climate action and that climate change education should go beyond cognitive science-based, to integrate innovative, creative, and leadership aspects, supporting learners to take action. 

As the climate issue increases so too do the questions of the youth, not just about the science, but about their careers and their futures. Students want to understand the urgency of the situation and what can be done. By understanding this, we know that climate change education must be embedded in a number of subjects and be delivered to students in a range of formats. 


Stay Informed, Stay Inspired

Welcome to News, your go-to source for the latest updates, insights, and stories within the Futurepreneurs ecosystem. Here, staying informed means staying ahead. Our News section is designed to keep you connected with important articles, industry information, and the inspiring journeys of your fellow Futurepreneurs.

Stay connected with the Futurepreneurs community through updates on our latest events, workshops, and competitions. Learn about upcoming opportunities to engage, network, and grow. We also keep you informed about significant milestones within the community, from new member ventures to collaborative projects and partnerships. Every piece of news brings you closer to our vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Engage, Network and Grow

Our events are your gateway to discovering the latest opportunities for engagement, learning, and growth. Here, you’ll find a curated list of upcoming events, workshops, and competitions designed to enhance your entrepreneurial journey. Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive access to tickets and early releases, ensuring you never miss out on the events that matter most.

From industry conferences and networking mixers to startup showcases and innovation fairs, our calendar is packed with opportunities for you to connect with like-minded individuals and industry leaders.

Enhance your skills and knowledge through our diverse range of interactive workshops. Led by experts and seasoned entrepreneurs, these sessions cover crucial aspects of building and scaling a business. Whether you’re interested in honing your leadership skills, or learning about sustainable business practices, our workshops offer practical insights and hands-on experience.

As a valued member of the Futurepreneurs community, you receive exclusive access to event tickets and early releases. Be the first to secure your spot at high-demand events and take advantage of special offers available only to our members.

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